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A Little Bit About Filmpod

Filmpod is a video production and post production studio based out of Johannesburg, South Africa, with offices in the Cape Town area. With clients across South Africa, the United Kingdom and the USA, Filmpod handles Video Production, Motion Graphics, Explainer Videos, Photography and Audio Production. Filmpod is all about the idea behind your video production. We believe that investment in concept development is critical to your brand identity and so we work closely with you to create a visual experience that gives your business a strong engaging voice. We understand the importance of a strong Google search ranking. Quality online web videos contribute enormously to your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO ) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) efforts. To have a quality video on platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook, is crucial to not only to ranking well in search engines but also a prerequisite to successfully engage with your customer. Filmpod is able to deliver a full turn-key package ranging from logo animation, corporate videos, explainer animations, event videos, branding videos, training videos, promotional videos to documentaries and commercial videos. Are we the best video production company in Johannesburg, South Africa? Well, let’s just say we are passionate about delivering international video production services that keep us on the forefront of video production technology, and also makes us sleep well at night. Do give us a call to see how we can work with you to make your next explainer video or video production. In the meantime check out some of our latest video portofio below.

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Most Recent Corporate & Explainer Videos…

Professional Explainer Video Production Johannesburg South Africa
Professional Video Production Company Johannesburg South Africa
Professional Charity Video Production Johannesburg South Africa
Professional Explainer Video Animation Production Company Johannesburg South Africa
Explainer Video Johannesburg
Professional Video Production Company Johannesburg South Africa
Professional Video Production Company Johannesburg South Africa
Customer Testimonial Video Tali Digital using Screen Tuepress Jet Printer
Professional Charity Video Production Johannesburg South Africa
Professional Charity Video Production Johannesburg South Africa
Professional Video Production Company Johannesburg South Africa
Vumatel Explainer Video Professional Video Production Company Johannesburg South Africa
Coroprate Testimonial Video Production South Africa Tzaneen
Professional Video Production Company Johannesburg South Africa
Professional Video Production Company Johannesburg South Africa

“Paul and the Filmpod team continue to exceed our expectations – they’re experienced, professional, reliable and always ahead of the creative curve. We’re thrilled to have found a production agency that we know will never let us down.” Kim Geral, Marketing Executive, Sage One Accounting

Why Do I Need An Explainer Video?

Video Content substantially Increases Your Business Growth

Video content ranks well with Search Engines like Google. Recent statistics show that 30% of corporate clients contact retailers after watching a YouTube video. Users stay on websites for two more minutes when they have explainer videos and 41% of people are more likely to click on video thumbnails than text. Explainer videos are 53 times more likely to rank on Google’s first page than text pages. YouTube has experienced a 53% growth rate nationally with 7.2 million regular South African users. In South Africa Facebook has 11.8 million active users being the primary social media platform for shares via YouTube.

What’s The Return On Investment?

Experience anywhere between a 10-50% conversion hike from an explainer video

Current ROI statistics show that everything company owners thought they understood about online publicity and communication is questionable. Explainer videos turn up between 90 to 95% return on investment. Businesses that have invested in online video content win an average of R105,800.00 more revenue than those who do not. 340,000 years’ worth of video is watched online daily. 86% of those watching share their video links with social media platforms. Taking into consideration these statistics, it is difficult to argue the premise for not creating a corporate video for your company.


YouTube Growth Rate, SA


Video Social Media Shares


Online Video ROI

“Innovative, professional, reliable – and able to meet the tightest deadlines. Filmpod met all of our video production needs and produced an excellent end product.” Glenn Miller, Managing Director, Pilot Software

Professional Video Production Company Johannesburg South Africa

Some Of  Our Video Production and Post Production Services

Corporate Videos

Corporate Videos are time savers! Video is the most efficient method for delivering your message visually in a short amount of time to your audience. We first establish your requirements, objectives for the video and of course the intended audience Read More

Explainer Video Animations

Explainer Videos are a fun and engaging way to ‘explain’ complicated products such as software, finance, or online businesses. Not only does this create interest in your viewers but also leads to increased conversion rates Read More

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics are key to making static images more visually appealing. Motion graphics covers a wide spectrum of various types of animation. At Filmpod we use motion graphics to enhance your branding, from basic logo animation, lower thirds, graphic inserts to visual motion art Read More

2D and 3D Animation

Filmpod loves animation! Very few people will actually admit to not loving animations. So we use animation to gain your audience’s attention. At Filmpod we produce basic 2D animations as well as more advanced 3D animations Read More


Having produced documentaries for television shows such as Carte Blanche, Filmpod can produce a documentary that is hard hitting and educational to the viewer Read More

Voice Overs and Dubbing

Filmpod has access to the top Voice Over artists in South Africa as well as international voice over artists. Using state of the art recording studio facilities, we ensure that we get the best sound for our video productions. We get the right voice for the right project Read More

Sound Design

Sound is critical in film and video. At Filmpod we take sound seriously when it comes to Video Production. Sound subconsciously carries the emotion and mood of the video. Mute the music or ambience sound on a film and you will quickly feel the emptiness and lack of emotion Read More

Final Mix and Mastering

Great sound is not merely layering different sounds but getting a good mix between all the elements that create the final mix. We first mix the music, ambience sound, Sound FX, Foley, and Voice to create a professional mix before giving it the final polish, the mastering of the track Read More

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Filmpod offers film production, post production, animation and corporate video services. Let us know what you need and we’ll put you in touch with all the right people!

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Filmpod Video Production Showreel 2015
Filmpod Video Production Showreel 2015

This is a short showreel of some of our work filmed and produced in 2015. We produce professional corporate videos, animated explainer videos, web videos, documentaries as well feature films.