Why use our Video Production Services?

At Filmpod we are passionate about what we do. We do what we love. Filmpod offers a variety of video production services within our core team, and have an established network of like minded freelance film and broadcast industry professionals to fill the gaps on specialised services such as high end 3D CG (computer graphics), or specific Voice Over artists used in a video production. Being based in Johannesburg, South Africa and having a remote office in the Cape Town area, ensures that we are at the heart of the Film and Broadcast industry in South Africa and can meet your specific requirements for your next video production, be it a corporate profile video, social awareness video or a full blown 2 hour video documentary. From concept to the final product our project/production managers will ensure that you get best value for your money.

Corporate Video Production

Corporate Videos

Corporate Videos and Event Videos

Corporate Videos are time savers! Video is the most efficient method for delivering your message visually in a short amount of time to your audience. We first establish your requirements, objectives for the video and of course the intended audience. During this process we can offer a variety of different services from Project Managers, Script Writers, Production Crew all the way through to our  Post Production team consisting of experienced Video Editors, Audio Editors and Final Mix Engineers to produce a professional Corporate Video. We cater for Internal Corporate Videos as well as Corporate Videos for social awareness, or promotional videos to be used in a presentation at an Expo or Trade Fair. Let us advise you on the best mediums to present your corporate video such as Television, Cinema or online on your corporate website, on YouTube or one of the many online Social Networks available.

Testimonial Videos

Your potential customers want to hear from others of how your product or business has “radically changed their lives” or simply made a difference to their personal lives or even businesses. Testimonial Videos are intimate and when unscripted convey sincerity to the viewer. Many interviewees are usually camera shy, which is why we take extra effort to make interviewees feel comfortable and relaxed through the sometimes frightening experience of being in front of a camera. At the end of the day the testimonial video sells itself.

Client Testimonial Videos
Training Videos

Training Videos, Induction Videos, Health and Safety Videos

Simply put, most people prefer to watch a video than to read a book (how many have tried to watch the movie instead of reading the book before a school exam?). Training, Induction, ‘Health and Safety’ and Compliance Videos consistently communicate information in about half the time than reading the same information. This is by far the quickest way to get your staff trained to ensure they conform and perform effectively. Training Videos are a fantastic way to train staff. We use a mixture of professional Script Writers, Presenters, Motion Graphic Artists, 2D/3D Animators, Sound Designers and Voice Over artists to produce an engaging video to effectively get your message across.

Film Production & Animation

Explainer Video Animations

Explainer Videos are a fun and engaging way to ‘explain’ complicated products such as software, finance, or online businesses. Not only does this create interest in your viewer but also leads to increased conversion rates. ‘Myth’- ‘explainer videos are animations with a voice over and catchy happy banjo melody’. Not entirely true, explainer videos do have those elements but can be a mixture of a live video, animation and an engaging presenter. The value of having an explainer video produced for your business or product has a huge impact on captivating your audience and can literally change your prospective client’s perception of you and your brand. As more and more businesses go online, your window of ‘first impression’ is minimal as the viewer feels little obligation to stay on your website or view your video. Explainer videos, combined with a credible looking website and strong brand, encourage your viewer to participate and give you their quality time. The Filmpod team will help you to script and storyboard your explainer video so that it has maximum impact and carries the “complicated” message in a more relaxed and “entertaining” manner. Explainer videos can be simple and used as an Educational Video, or even a Training Video. With professional animation and sound production Filmpod will ensure your video not only looks and sound great, but fulfils its intended purpose – ‘communicate a clear, simple message in an entertaining way’.

Motion graphics

Motion Graphics, Infographics and Kinetic Typography

Motion Graphics are key to making static images more visually appealing. Motion graphics covers a wide spectrum of various types of animation. At Filmpod we use motion graphics to enhance your branding, from basic logo animation, lower thirds, graphic inserts to visual motion art. Infographics and Kinetic Typography animation are elements that can be used on their own or as an element in a video production. Infographics are essentially a visual presentation of information or data. These can be anything from animated graphs explaining complicated data, to animated shapes representing different types of company information. Infographics are great at explaining complex data in a compact and easy to comprehend format, and are used by analysts, news agencies, scientist, engineers, statisticians, educators and marketers. Kinetic Typography is animated or moving text. This can be 2D or 3D. It is a good method of telling a ‘text based’ story through the use of animation. People are drawn to visual movement and Kinetic Typography uses the combination of animated words with sound to effectively capture your viewers’ attention. Kinetic typography has been effectively used in advertising campaigns, music videos, films and TV. The Filmpod team produces both Infographics and Kinetic Typography from concept, script through to the final animation and sound production.

2D and 3D Animation

Filmpod loves animation! Very few people will actually admit to not loving animations. So we use animation to gain your audience’s attention. At Filmpod we produce basic 2D animations as well as more advanced 3D animations. As animation can play a major part in your budget, Filmpod strives to give you value for your money and will advise you according to your budget as to what level of complexity or detail your animation should be. An animated 2D word costs a lot less to produce than a realistic 3D fire breathing T-rex from a Hollywood block buster! Whatever your animation requirement, we have the expertise and passion to make it happen.

Animation Services


Not exclusively for channels such as Discovery, The History Channel or National Geographic, documentaries are a great way to record and tell a story of an event or convey a message for a political or social cause for generations yet to come. Having produced documentaries for television shows such as Carte Blanche, Filmpod can produce a documentary that is hard hitting and educational to the viewer.

Audio Visual Post Production

Voice Overs and Dubbing Services

Voice Overs and Dubbing

Filmpod has access to the top Voice Over artists in South Africa as well as international voice over artists. Using state of the art recording studio facilities, we ensure that we get the best sound for our video productions. We get the right voice for the right project. Different Voice Over artists have different fees, and the fees also vary depending on where the video is aired, and also for how long it is aired.

Music Composition

Need bespoke music for your video production or animation? Let us create an original piece of music for your video or for your brand. We write Brand Idents and background music/scores for your video production. In cases where a particular sound track or piece of music is required, we source the relevant music and get the necessary licenses to use the music. As a professional video production company we do not copy or infringe on licenses. If a particular piece of music is too expensive we can source licensed music that has a similar sound or mood to the original piece.

Music Composition and Film Scores
Sound Design and Soundscaping

Sound Design and Soundscaping

Sound is critical in film and video. At Filmpod we take sound seriously when it comes to Video Production. Sound subconsciously carries the emotion and mood of the video. Mute the music or ambience sound on a film and you will quickly feel the emptiness and lack of emotion. Being creatives at heart we use suitable licensed music that enhances our visuals. From composing our own music to designing our own Sound FX and Soundscapes we make sure that the audio experience connects with the viewer.

Final Mix and Mastering

Great sound is not merely layering different sounds but getting a good mix between all the elements that create the final mix. We first mix the music, ambience sound, Sound FX, Foley, and Voice to create a professional mix before giving it the final polish, the mastering of the track. Also in our sound arsenal is sound correction and restoration. It happens to all Sound Engineers – badly recorded audio, or an unwanted noise in the audio, and when it does we have the experience and the right tools to improve the audio.

Sound Final Mix and Mastering

Business and Commercial Advertising

Professional Photography


In addition to our Video Production services we offer professional photography services. Using professional photographic gear and years of experience we offer product photography, interior photography, food photography, landscape and structural photography and corporate event photography. Our photographic services are also key to our Website and Design services offered by Madepod. Lastly if you need a different perspective we offer Aerial Photography as part of our Aerial Photography Division Flypod.

Product Videos

Product videos are a great way to get across all the features and aesthetic beauty of your product to your audience in an informative and engaging manner. Having professional product videos of your products or product give your brand credibility and awareness. Product Videos are essentially a “silent” salesman. The rise in popularity of product videos online is more evident than ever on Social Media such as Facebook and other Video platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo. Filmpod engages all our pre-production and post production services to create a professional product video that will help your business to increase your turnover.

Product Videos
Online Promotional Videos

Promotional Web Videos

Promotional web videos are an exciting way to market your business more affordably than traditional broadcast methods. With the importance of having a strong web presence, online web videos are just as crucial to the success of getting your brand to your market. Google is the number 1 search engine across the globe, YouTube is the second most popular search engine! If you don’t have a promotional web video you are missing out on a substantial chunk of your market as opposed to a competitor who has a promotional video. At Filmpod we not only produce quality promotional web videos, we also offer the service of setting up a video channel for you and make sure that we optimise your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Currently this service is only offered for YouTube and Vimeo channels.