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Some of our Explainer Video Examples

Watch a few of our explainer animations and video based explainers that have helped our clients to grow their businesses throughout Johannesburg and South Africa. We also have a growing list of international clients based in the UK, Canada and the USA. You can find out more about how our process works a little bit further down the page. Check out our starting packages. For more of our videos visit our YouTube channel.

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Explainer Video Prices

Information Graphics Video

From R13,000
  • Scripting
  • Story-boarding
  • Voice over
  • Animation
  • Licensed Music
  • Soundscaping

Film Based Explainer Video

From R22,000
  • Scripting
  • Story-boarding
  • Voice over
  •  Filming
  • Video Editing
  • Colour Grading
  • Licensed Music
  • Soundscaping

Character Animated Video

From R30,000
  • Scripting
  • Character Creation
  • Story-boarding
  • Voice over
  • Animation
  • Licensed Music
  • Soundscaping

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We work within your budget. Length, word count and complexity of an explainer video are all variable. Have a chat with us about a solution that suits your business.

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Explainer Video Process


Video Scripting

It is important to us that we understand you and your business. We first establish the objectives of your video and get to grips with your message. Once this is in place, we begin scripting your explainer video. We work closely with you to ensure that you are happy with the content and tone of the script before we move on in the pre-production process.

Voice Over

Getting the right voice talent for your explainer video is important to us. We work with you to find the right artist. We have a strong network of voice over artists in South Africa and also internationally. So, no matter what age, accent, gender or ethnicity, we can find just the right person for the job.


Character Creation and Casting

If you have decided to go for a character based explainer animation, our animators take their time to create bespoke characters to suit your video. The character design may be complex or more simple dependent on style and budget. If you have chosen to produce a video based explainer then at this point we will work with you to cast your video – we find the right people within the right budget for your explainer.



Once your script and casting or character design is complete, we create storyboards ready for the production of your amazing video. This involves breaking down the action which takes place in your video. These will be issued to you as static visual sequences. We then have a chat with you about what is happening at each point in time and ensure you are happy with how your story is being told before we move forward with the step in the animation or filming process.


Animation and Filming

The next stage in producing your company explainer video is production. If you have chosen an animated explainer video then our animators will begin bringing life to your storyboards through key-framing and animation. If we are producing a film-based explainer video for you then our film crew will arrange the filming of the explainer video. We work with you to find an appropriate time and location for the shoot. We are happy for you to be on set when we film.

Editing and Post Production

If you have selected a film-based explainer video then at this point our video editors receive your footage from our film crew. They edit everything together, with information graphics where applicable, and tell your story in a simple, professional and effective way. Once the edit is complete, colour work and grading is applied to the piece to bring consistency and the right atmosphere to your explainer video.



Audio Post Production

Now, it is time for the final touches to be worked into your animation or film-based explainer video. Our audio post production team add a soundscape, effects and music to your video. Sound is an important aspect of your explainer video as it is a key communicative component.

Return On Investment

Your video is now ready to be applied to your marketing tool set. Upload it, inject it into your website, share it on social media, distribute it as a hard file and display it within your corporate space. An explainer video is the fastest way to communicate what you do to a wider audience:


Explainer videos turn up between 90 to 95% return on investment. 30% of corporate clients contact retailers after watching a YouTube video. 41% of people are more likely to click on video thumbnails than text. 340,000 years’ worth of video is watched online daily.

So, in a nutshell…

Once you have got in touch with us about an explainer video solution for your business, we go on a journey. Hand in hand, we discover the best type, length and style of  video for your company. There are lots of options and we aim to work within all our clients’ budgets.

We manage script writing, character creation, storyboarding and voice over talent as part of our pre-production process. Depending on what solution suits your requirements, we begin with the physical production of your video animation or film-based explainer video. We have skilled animators on our team and our film crew available to produce your video. Once everything is in place, your company explainer video may then go for video editing and a colour grade before audio post production puts the final touches on your explainer video.

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